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Thursday, September 29, 2011


His Word.

It challenges.
It invades our private lives and private thoughts and disturbs those secret things we hold onto and hide, afraid they may be found and stolen away from us.
It disrupts our comfort.
It shakes our perception of the world.
It haunts our consciences.
If we are willing to hear and pay attention, we cannot walk away from it unchanged, unmoved.
Our wants wrestle with it. While our actions may not - no...will not always acknowledge it, His truth stands firm as champion and cannot be defeated. Still, we flail and we fight and we find excuses and ways to justify and ignore.

This same Word that is so invasive and unwelcome into the most tender places of our selves: this Word that pierces when it a needle carefully removing a sliver from sensitive, infected skin - also heals and soothes.

It is aloe to a burned heart.
It is water to a thirsty soul.

His Word is a solid rock; not the cold and hard rock that usually comes to mind. It is like a sun-kissed surface on a cool day: inviting, offering warmth to revive. It is safe place to cling to.

It is freedom and rest.
It is joy and hope.
It is wisdom and knowledge, discernment and prudence to instruct those who will learn from it, and save us from the disaster our unbridled feet are intent to find.

It is the swift discipline and the strong arms that embrace and draw us close to reassure us that we are deeply cherished and truly cared for.

It is love; like the parent who kneels down to explain to their little child, yet again, what to do...or not to do and why. Yet we...just like our children, head out to cross the street ignoring the traffic - completely focused on that bright red ball in the neighbor's yard. His Word is the firm and forceful hand that reaches out to pull us back. Do we thank Him? More often, we cry and kick and scream...angry that our plans have been intercepted.

His Word is neglected.
This resource full of insight simply unavailable from any other source is often overlooked.

We rely on men to comment their opinions.
We rely on preachers to read it to us.
Do we pause long enough from the busyness: the constant flow of information, the voices that demand our attention, to listen to Him.

Consider His Word today.
It is invasive...invite it to invade the dark corners that are rarely, if ever swept clean.
It is disruptive. Let it distract us from the very important temporary things that hold our brief attention span.
It is uncomfortable. It pokes and prods at sensitive places. It pulls us away from the dreams we chase...but we don't see the pending crash we have been rescued from.
It is light that reveals us for who we are.
It is light that reveals Him in all His glory, goodness and grace.

His Word is lovely.
His Word is life.

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