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What is Sow Little Seeds?

Psalm 1:2-3
" a tree planted by streams of water..."

Welcome to Sow Little Seeds!

Sow Little Seeds is a Bible Memorization program focused on encouraging and assisting parents as we study God's Word, the Bible, with our children. We believe that the "seeds" of God's Word contain truth and life essential for spiritual health. In teaching our children what God's Word says, we will plant those truths into their hearts.

As parents, grandparents, teachers, and caretakers we have the honor and responsibility of educating, nurturing and loving the children God has placed in our care. We can plant the seed, water the soil, and weed out those things that threaten to steal away nutrients and choke the tender seedling...but in the end, God is the one who makes things grow. As you invest your heart and time into teaching the Bible to your children, we encourage you not to neglect the very significant ministry of praying with them and for them. 

We hope you will not only plant these seeds into their little hearts, but that you will learn it together; and as a family, you will become rooted and grounded in the truth. We encourage you to grow with your kids. As parents, we have the great privilege of being the example to our children. As little seedlings grow, they stretch toward the sun's nourishing light. Your children are growing under your care; be light for them.

Sow Little Seeds has been designed to accommodate all ages and skill levels. We encourage you to modify lessons if necessary and to include each member of your family. We take the responsibility of accurately presenting God's Word very seriously, and have made every effort to represent Him well as we have prepared this project. In an effort to effectively teach our young children, some memory verses have been modified and shortened. We endeavor to ensure that the original meaning is not lost and that each verse is presented within the context it was taken from. We encourage you to take into account these same considerations when altering any verses for your children to memorize.
We hope you find these resources useful and encouraging.

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