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Memory Verse Cards

You can download and print current and past memory verse cards by following the links below.

You will need to store the cards you are not using [each memory card page contains 8 verses]. We have provided several box templates for you to print and assemble.

Click here to view and download the design options.  You could also use an empty tea box [these are a good size for the cards]; you can make a fun family project out of decorating your own boxes. Or simply group your cards together with a rubber band or place them in a small re-closable bag.

If you would like to find other ideas and resources for these verses, type the verse address into the Sow Little Seeds and/or Grow Little Seeds search boxes to locate related posts. You may also browse through our Labels section on the side panel for the week or verse you are studying.

To make your Memory Verse Cards:

1. Select a link below.

2. Print out your page onto light-colored card stock. [Note: Be sure your print preferences are set to "None" under "Page Scaling". These pages will require a 1/4 inch margin around the perimeter of your page, please be sure your printer is set to accommodate this requirement.]

3. Cut your page along the faded lines to form a set of 8 memory verse cards per printed page.

Memory Verse Cards

Blank memory verse card template

Weeks 1-8: 
Weeks 1-8, level 1 printable memory verse cards [easy]
Weeks 1-8, level 2 printable memory verse cards [intermediate]
Weeks 1-8, level 3 printable memory verse cards [challenging]

The verses included in Weeks 1-8 are as follows:
   Week 1 - Acts 17:24-25
   Week 2 - Psalm 139:13-14, 16
   Week 3 - Psalm 103:8-10
   Week 4 - Psalm 103:11-12
   Week 5 - Ephesians 2:4-5
   Week 6 - 1 John 1:8-9
   Week 7 - Psalm 86:11-13
   Week 8 - Ephesians 2:10